Concept Life as design philosophy

Life with its processes and interactions leaves tracks. To use those by the realization of pieces of art formatively as well as thematically and to stage them picture-efficiently describes one part of this philosophy. Another important part deals with the perception. Via the piece of art different perception levels can be approached by which liveliness to the observer can be suggested. Interaction originates from it. The viewer is not any more only observing, he is experiencing actively and participates. A consciousness development is stimulated. By experiencing pieces of art one opens up to new worlds of imagination and thereby defines his own borders anew..

Dynamic, Time and Process

The course of the time is marked by moving and changing things. Thereby the most different processes and interactions are got going, materials are changed and the climate is stamped. During my research for desgin-effective effects of this processes and interactions it has proved to be helpful to classify them as streaming, temporarily and process-like-successive effects.

By selecting materials to create my pieces of art I always try to keep this fact, the course of time in mind. It is most important for my work as artist that the different selected materials are receiving forces and according to their characteristics are emitting forces during the course of time. They behave, so to speak, like a medium.
With the example of water one sees that with both (receiving and emitting) forces formative effects can be generated. On the one hand, water leaves his track, while it reacts on other materials and on the other hand water is staged by external influence.
That way water interacts with its surroundings. The three essential processes with which water leaves tracks are material loss / erosion, material change / corrosion and the deposition / sedimentation. External influences to the water reaches from different exposure, about wind, differences in temperature up to materials which are transported in the water.
Nevertheless, it are always the characteristics of water which lend the typical appearance to the occurring effect. Besides, both effects are strongly marked by rhythm and dynamic and express themselves as mentioned in streaming, temporarily or process-like-successive effects


The emitted energy of the chosen design material can be perceived with our different sense organs which serve as base for experiencing. By using the different emitted energies as design tool, a pluridimensional experience of the artwork can be achieved. Moreover the point of view, interactivity, influences of the surroundings, time of day, season and stored knowledge have an important role for experiencing. All these influences are transported via our communication channels/sense organs to the brain where they are gathered and formed to a certain mood/impression. My idea of art is to generate moods/impressions as vivid, intensive and distinct as possible by taking care about all the mentioned factors. I see my artwork not at the painted picture nor the sculpture, but at the mood that I create for the observer.