Artworks representing different lifely aspects of water


The ÖBZ in Munich planed a new fountain for the people. The planing policy was to incorporate the people of the neighborhood as much as possible by public participation at most parts of the planing phases. I was asked to provide inspiration with an exhibition to support their design process.

Exhibition concept:
- Show 7 different key aspects of the lively vitality of water on 7 different info-poster
- Provide a design resume to clarify what effects can be used, what needs to be reconsidered
- How can those aspects be staged by showing it with artwork

7 Key aspects of lively vitality of water:
1. Water as a streaming medium
2. Abundance and scarcity of water
3. Water and its substances
4. Experiencing Water
5. Water and its functions for life
6. Water in different cultures and
7. Important date about water




Symbol for materialized flow forms of water
Exhibition concept
The exhibition