The recreation park Hanffeld had the aim to explain environmental issues and be in the same time exciting, interesting and provide joyful moments. This was also my central idea for the exhibition.
Exhibition Aim:
To provide knowledge about the importance of water for every living creature. Moreover I wanted to show that respectful behavior with water means to be able to live creative and inspired. The exhibited pictures were supposed to interact with light, wind movement, and water reflection. With this the artworks were getting rather alive and thirst for life was aroused.
To provide an exhibition area, information about water and their importance for life and create an exhibition with the title “Thirsty - Inspiration by water”



The Leaf-Pavilion:
For providing an exhibition area I worked out a pavilion. The shape of the pavilion was designed like a leaf. The idea of it was to show that every creature is nerved with water. To demonstrate this, certain parts of the Leaf-Pavilion were worked out with a transparency foil, where water was gathered. With the interaction of light and wind-movement a vivid light and shadow dance of the water reflections and the structures of the “Leaf Skin” on the floor and over the exhibited pictures was generated. Therefore the exhibition space, the Leaf-Pavilion itself, worked as stage, as interfering medium and symbol with statement.

The Exhibition:
The picture and sculptures that I exhibited should relate to the importance of water for life and being able to be creative. Therefore I worked out the pieces of art rather colorful, to shine as bright as possible in the daylight. The different artworks represented different important critical topics about water like abundance and scarcity of water, water circuits or substances in the water as well as mood pictures that should represent the liveliness that comes by water.

First sketches
Finished "Leaf pavilion" (set up together with my brother Christopher Koller, thanks again)
Construction phase
Animating the pictures with light and shadow filters of water reflections and pavilion leaf skin
The exhibition